Dance Educator of the Year

The National Dance Association K-12 Dance Educator of the Year Award is given to K-12 teachers who are members of both MNSHAPE and NDA/SHAPE and who demonstrate exemplary teaching abilities in respective grade levels and dance education. A dance educator as defined by NDA, includes those educators who are employed full time in a K-12 school and teach dance at least 50% or more of the time.

Teachers selected for this award may also have their names submitted for recognition at Central District SHAPE. Central District SHAPE then forwards its awardees on for a possible recognition at the National SHAPE Convention.

2011 Kathy Mohn
2010 Gwen LaVine-Brown
2008 Cyndee Johnson
2002 Nancy Marcy
2001 Mary Harding
1999 Byron Richard
1998 Gusztav Fogarassy
1997 Ellen Cromwell-Cecrle
1996 Mary Lampe
1995 Virginia Murray
1994 Sue Ann Mullen
1993 Pamela Paulson
1992 Gary Sanders
1991 Cindy Gorsen
1990 Dave Maras
1989 Marilyn Syverson