About Us

Empowering Learners to Think on the Move

MNSHAPE is a school-based professional association that provides professional services and resources for teachers, organizations, and individuals who provide quality programs. MNSHAPE is dedicated to improving the skills, knowledge, health, and well-being of all Minnesota students.

-Help shape policy, defining, and supporting comprehensive school health and physical education programs.
-Link state health, physical education, recreation, and dance leaders with one another.
-Work to forge school/family, community linkages in support of school health, physical education, recreation, and dance programs.
-Foster professional growth and the development of leadership and advocacy skills.
-Provide leadership in an effort to link colleges and universities to school districts for innovation and improvement in curriculum, instruction, and assessment.
-Provide a supportive network of professional and social relationships for teacher and school personnel concerned about the health and well-being of Minnesota students.
-Honor and recognize individuals, schools, and organizations that have demonstrated outstanding contributions to improving programs to all students’ achievements.
-Work with national, state, and local organizations on school health, physical education, and wellness issues.

Board of Directors

Like any large professional organization, MNSHAPE is governed by willing state professionals who are elected by the members of the organization. Governing positions include the president, president elect, secretary, and treasurer, all of whom make up the executive committee along with the executive director, who does not have voting privileges.

The MNSHAPE Board of Directors consists of: (a) the executive committee {1 vote per person, except executive director}, (b) elected division vice presidents (Aquatics/Recreation, Dance, Developmental Adapted Physical Education, Emerging Leaders, Health, Higher Education, Physical Education) {1 vote per division}, and (c) at-large members {1 vote per group}. This group of individuals makes well thought out decisions for the organization as related to the vision, mission, and goals of MNSHAPE.

In addition to the previously mentioned groups, standing committees have been established to help distribute the workload of the organization. These include but are not limited to: following: (a) State Conference Planning Committee, (b) Finance Committee, (c) Foundations Committee, (d) Legislative Advocacy Committee, (e) Membership Committee, (f) Nominations Committee, (g) Public Relations Committee,  (h) Recognition/Awards Committee, (i) Retirees Committee, (j) Professional Development Projects Committee, (k) Technology Committee, (l) Fundraising Committee (health.moves.minds. Task Force, scholarship funding), (m) Emerging Leaders Coordinator, and the (n) Newsletter Editor

Ad hoc committees may also be established for short periods to address matters of a specific nature relative to the organization. MNSHAPE also has several positions established as coordinators whose responsibility it is to coordinate respective interest areas of future professionals, health. moves. minds, newsletter editor, and the MNSHAPE website.

MNSHAPE has numerous opportunities for its members to become involved. If interested in becoming involved, please contact Deb Van Klei, president at [email protected].