2011 Kathy Mohn

2010 Gwen LaVine-Brown

2008 Cyndee Johnson





2002 Nancy Marcy

2001 Mary Harding

1999 Byron Richard

1998 Gusztav Fogarassy

1997 Ellen Cromwell-Cecrle
1996 Mary Lampe

1995 Virginia Murray

1994 Sue Ann Mullen

1993 Pamela Paulson
1992 Gary Sanders

1991 Cindy Gorsen

1990 Dave Maras

1989 Marilyn Syverson

Dance Educator of the Year

The National Dance Association K-12 Dance Educator of the Year Award is given to K-12 teachers who are members of both MNSHAPE and NDA/SHAPE and who demonstrate exemplary teaching abilities in respective grade levels and dance education. A dance educator as defined by NDA, includes those educators who are employed full time in a K-12 school and teach dance at least 50% or more of the time.

Teachers selected for this award may also have their names submitted for recognition at Central District SHAPE. Central District SHAPE then forwards its awardees on for a possible recognition at the National SHAPE Convention.