New Minnesota PE Standards update

The Every Student Succeeds Act that was recently passed at the federal level now includes Health and Physical Education as part of a "Well-Rounded Education".

The SHAPE America ESSA Advocacy Center will give you the tools needed to make sure that the State of Minnesota and your district will also allow Health and Physical Education the access to Title IV Part A money from the federal government.


Check the Minnesota Department of Education’s Health and Physical Education Website for updates on the new Minnesota PE standards.

ESSA Title IV Part A Update for August 2017

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) identifies school health and physical education as part of a student's "well-rounded education," along with other subjects such as art, music, civics, science and more. This new federal education legislation provides increased access to funds for health and PE programs and allows states and school districts to set their own priorities for funding and accountability.

The every student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Title IV, Part A applications for "The Student Support and Academic Enrichment" (SSAE) grant opportunities are now open. The SSAE Grant Program is for public school districts, charter schools, or consortia of districts located in the State of Minnesota, for the purpose of activities and programs that provide all students with a well-rounded education, support safe and healthy students, and the enhancement of technology to improve academic achievement and digital literacy of all.

Please make your district contacts aware of the SSAE grant opportunity for three purposes:
1. Well-rounded educational opportunities which may include activities such as accelerated learning or gifted programs, STEM (including computer science) subjects, music and arts programs, history instruction, foreign language, environmental education or any innovative instructional structure or educational experiences that support a well-rounded education (physical education and health are in the definition of a well-rounded education);
2. Supports for safe and healthy students which may include health and physical education, drug and violence prevention, school-based mental health services, preventing bullying and harassment, school counseling, dropout and reentry programs, schoolwide positive behavioral interventions and supports, or programs implementing Erin's Law; and
3. Technology enhancement to improve academic achievement and digital literacy of all students which may include providing school personnel with professional learning tools, building technological capacity and infrastructure, professional development in the use of technology in STEM subjects (including teaching computer science), blended learning projects or implementing Future Ready programs. (physical education can also be included in this section).

Public school districts, charters, or a consortia of districts located in Minnesota may apply for one, two, or all 3 purposes. Funding varies by school enrollment (see the application for details at link below). This is a competitive grant opportunity. Up to 80 awards will be given.

ESSA Title IV Part A applications are now open through August 28th  by 4:30 PM.

Contact Doug Paulson at or (651) 582-8471 for further information.